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What is Morpheus?

Morpheus is a system to easily provision and manage all of the many components used by technology stacks today. It includes setup, backups, monitoring, logging, and access control - all in a clean, simple interface.

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Morpheus Appliance Software dashboard
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Self-Service Application Management for Developers

  • Provisioning Image


    One-click provisioning for most common apps and databases

  • Backup Cloud

    Backup & Recovery

    Customizable, automatic backups for every system component

  • Logging


    Full log collection and analysis for quick troubleshooting

Control & Security for IT

  • Provisioning Image


    Built-in uptime and performance monitoring, based on Happy Apps

  • Reporting


    Concise reports on app capacity, server capacity, and recent activity

  • Access


    Role-based permissions provide the right level of access for every user

Why Morpheus?

Morpheus creates a space where IT and development can work together

  • Containers

    Provision in Docker

    Turn applications into services and distribute across your infrastructure. Increase server density and cut costs.

  • Gain Full Visibility

    Get control of shadow IT. See everything thats out there with a single pane of glass: every app, server, and database.

  • Deployment Rocket!

    Reduce Deployment Time

    Rapidly deploy and provision most common application frameworks and databases. Give your developers the ability to deploy without an IT request.

  • Use any Cloud

    Be cloud agnostic, and deploy or migrate your applications to any cloud provider. Quickly deploy to on-premise, off-premise, and bare metal.

    Deployment Rocket!
  • Auto Scale & Disaster Recovery

    Scale & Backup Automatically

    Provide for high availability and disaster recovery right out of the box. Customize backups with a click.

The Persian Prince Himself

"Morpheus has been a game changer for us. It has allowed for us to keep costs low and get our infrastructure up and running very quickly."

- Sam Balooch, CIO of Spireon

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